About Us

Ordior is a software company designed to meet the very specific needs of content owners, software developers and digital rights managers all over the world. The Ordior systems have been designed to allow content companies, large or small, to outsource all of the tasks that sit between the content sale and distribution of funds, to the entire chain of royalty collection, accounting, reporting and distribution, through to the management and development of a sales team’s commission structure and creation of value-added reseller networks and channels. Ordior is committed to developing and maintaining systems that are several generations ahead of those currently employed in the content industries. Best of all, we will continue to evolve with the digital economy, accommodating new business models and income streams as they come to market.

Ordior’s proprietary software products have been developed by a world-class team of engineers and software developers. Ordior’s software and rights management services are now used by over 200 record labels, software developers, film/media production companies and publishing houses. The Ordior royalty and payment management services platforms provide real-time reporting on transactions for our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.
Ordior provides a turnkey solution for all creators or I.P, digital content, software, music, films and other digital assets that have the need for transparent reporting, income stream management, rights management protection systems and mechanical copyright management and administration services. If you own content and you want your rights managed then Ordior provides an excellent product offering and service.
Ordior is also a pioneer and a global leader in the field of unified messaging and broadcast messaging. Our management team have built systems for Fortune 500 companies and Australia’s top 1000 companies. Ordior works to develop new systems and applications to provide our users with a better system and to innovate new applications. This all spells growth and profits for our customers.

The improvements we make through our partners are delivered as free system upgrades to our customers ensuring they have access to the best messaging functionality and integrated service support.

We seek to work with similar companies in ventures that extend product delivery or provide key channels to market.