Company Background

Ordior’s proprietary software products have been developed by a world-class team of engineers and software developers. Ordior’s software and rights management services are now used by over 200 record labels, software developers, film/media production companies and publishing houses. The Ordior royalty and payment management services platforms provide real-time reporting on transactions for our customers year-round.

The system reports on sales, management and task issues, resourcing issues as well as providing our customers with a very easy to use bank style report console to manage all financial aspects of their content, digital assets, royalties and I.P needs. Ordior provides a turnkey solution for all creators or I.P, digital content, software, music, films and other digital assets that have the need for transparent reporting, income stream management, rights management protection systems and mechanical copyright management and administration services. If you own content and you want your rights managed then Ordior provides an excellent product offering and service.

The opportunity now exists to rollout Ordior as a premium business tool for the global content industries. If you would like to know more then please email Ordior has reached an optimal window of opportunity to take advantage of rapidly changing circumstances in the evolution of digital entertainment, content rights and the way the world consumes its digital content from magazines to music to films to software.

Ordior is there to provide the reporting process for developers, content owners, rights holders, legal institutions and investment groups from banks to venture capitalists giving them the ability to manage and report on their assets and income streams 24/7, 365 days a year.

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