Royalty Vault

Digital content, be it a record or a film derives income from a vast range of sources – CD/DVD distributors, digital aggregators, collecting societies, synch licensing deals, international label partners and digital retailers like iTunes with whom they have a direct relationship. This data will come in different formats, at different times. It requires verification, manual checking and entry into the company’s financial reporting system. The data must be collated and consolidated into reports for the sales team, management team, artists and artist managers with accurate acknowledgement of relevant details such as recoupment, royalty breaks, royalty splits, retentions and advances.

And most importantly, income must then be distributed to artists and other royaltors in a manner that is fast, accurate, transparent and secure.

Ordior Royalty Vault is proprietary web-based software-as-service which automates and manages these complex tasks, delivering a seamless end-to-end solution for all royalty accounting and reporting needs. Certified by a leading accounting firm and subject to the strictest auditing oversight, Royalty Vault functions as a fully secured clearing house for all sales revenue.

Ordior’s proprietary software “Royalty Vault” allows data to be displayed in multiple formats in multiple languages and all available via a secured website. Data can be arranged by retailer, territory, track or time period. Sophisticated sales analytic tools can be deployed by management teams whilst artists and artist managers can have access to their own easy-to-use dashboard. All of this means that artists and industry people can focus more time on developing new music, touring and leave the business administration and royalty management to Ordior and our software.

The Royalty Vault provides end to end accounting and data management for music publishers, film producers and other digital content creators and owners of digital content. If there are royalties to be managed and reported then Ordior takes the headache out of the entire process and we leave you free to focus on business.

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