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Ordior’s royalty management platform provides you with powerful reporting, income stream, rights and mechanical copyright management. It is also available as a white label option.

Ordior enables you to outsource all of the tasks that sit between the content sale and distribution of funds, to the entire chain of royalty collection, accounting, reporting and distribution. Its services also extend through to the management and development of a sales team’s commission structure, and the creation of value-added reseller networks and channels.

The Ordior Royalty and Payment Management Services Platform is used by over 350 record labels, film houses and media production companies. The system is proven with over two billion transactions completed since 2014 alone. The system provides real-time reporting for our customers, 24/7 x 365 days a year. Ordior lets you focus on creating content while we manage and protect your copyrights.




Record labels, film production companies, artists and rights management societies use Ordior’s management platform to access state of the art royalty reporting and transaction based sales data. The Ordior Royalty Vault, and Artist Rights Management services are proven, and generate results. Since 2014, Ordior has recovered over $1M USD in lost and unclaimed royalties for our roster of artists, under rights management and exclusive publishing administration agreements.

To find out more: sales@ordior.com