October 2013

Linkstorm and My Verified ID Sign Exclusive 50-Year, $22M+ Patent License for the ID Verification/Authentication Market, Finally a “win win” for both advertisers and Internet users. New York, October 10, 2013. Effective immediately, My Verified ID and New York based Linkstorm have joined forces to deliver higher quality leads to advertisers while empowering users to manage their online interests from one easy platform. This 50-year exclusive rights agreement and partnership, valued at $22M+ over its lifetime, will allow the two companies to work together in facilitating the new millennium of ethical marketing which will provide better results for advertisers and less friction to users. Linkstorm and My Verified ID “LINKIT” technology will empower Internet users with the tools to opt-in or opt-out from a commercial offer with one single click while providing advertisers with qualified leads that are real. Click here to read the full press release from Ordior.



August 2013

Linkstorm appoints ORDIOR to build and administer Linkstorm value added reseller channels. NEW YORK, August 8th 2013 —Performance enhancing, online advertising technology company Linkstorm and Australian based software and rights management company “ORDIOR Ltd” today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to expand Linkstorm’s market presence through the establishment and building of the Linkstorm Value Added Reseller network (VAR). The partnership will see Linkstorm accessing the Ordior client based and vast network of global brands that Ordior has developed over the past 5 years. Discussions are already underway with leading communication houses, advertising agencies, banks, financial service companies and Telco’s from Reliance India to YuuCorp in ASIA to Telstra in Australia to name just a few. Ordior will provide rapid deployment systems to allow the key market makers to access and deploy Linkstorm campaigns easily and efficiently for their customers, clients and brands. Ordior sees the technology becoming the new standard for permission based banner ad engagement for the next decade onwards. Click here to download and read the full press release from Ordior.



July 2013

ORDIOR is pleased to announce a new partnership with LinkStorm via the dynamic TV show and production house “DJ Central ASIA”. NEW YORK, July 20th 2013 — Performance enhancing, online advertising technology company LinkStorm and Hong Kong based Entertainment Music and TV Production Company “DJ Central ASIA Ltd“ today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to expand Linkstorm’s market presence, sales and customer acquisition base through the DJ Central, TV, Web TV and IPTV footprint. The new alliance has provided Linkstorm with a flagship site to show the world the power of Linkstorm’s technology coupled with the rapidly expanding customer base of DJ Central and its TV shows and record label. DJ Central is a global dance, club and house music TV show that features the hottest DJ’s playing the hottest hits, awesome remixes and mash ups, lifestyle segments with our great compares, news and gossip, new music suggested by DJ’s from all over the world, and segments on clubs and night club culture from all over the planet. DJ Central Records is a SONY RED label partner, featuring some of the brightest new DJ stars and catalogues of some of the world’s best dance, house and club music. DJ Central has a branded entertainment production division that creates branded “MTV“ style music shows for its clients. DJ Central TV is rapidly expanding and is now available on some of the world’s leading streaming and free to air networks including Foxtel (Australia), Sony TV, Samsung TV, XBOX Live, SONY PLAYSTATION, and MUZU TV to name a few. Click here to download and read the full press release from Ordior.



March 2013

ORDIOR appoints Mr Bruce W.D.Barren as Chairman. Bruce W.D. Barren has been honored on more than 50 separate occasions by: the Governors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania plus New York and New Jersey (in addition to their respective U.S. Senators) along with the Governors of Kentucky and Tennessee. He is the Group Chairman of The EMCO/Hanover Group, which, since its inception in 1971, has concluded more than $3+ billion in financial transactions worldwide as international merchant bankers, representing more than 1,000 separate corporate transactions. Click here to read the full Press Release from Ordior.



January 2013

The ORDIOR website has recently undergone a major redevelopment. The website is now a dynamic, interactive and easy to use space that welcomes users and audiences. With websites increasingly becoming the most important mode of distributing information, we quickly acted to make our website stand out and reach our audience. Click here to download and read the full press release from Ordior.