Ordior is managing the copyright/royalty for Michael Browning/Deluxe Records!



Ordior is protecting and managing the copyright and royalty administration needs of one of Australia’s iconic record labels from the 1970’s and 1980’s – that’s right, it’s Michael Browning and Deluxe Records! With iconic artists like: The Numbers, Heaven, The Dugites, Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo), Freeway, and Proud Scum, Ordior have looked after this catalogue since 2005, protecting the rights, and growing new revenue streams for his catalogue. It’s an important contribution to the musical world, so this warrants documenting. For the readers who aren’t aware, Michael Browning is ROCK ROYALTY! He’s managed AC/DC, The Angels, and INXS- arguably three of Australia’s biggest bands, with AC/DC now being touted as the biggest band in the world! Ordior is there to help grow and develop new revenues, and ensure that all copyright matters are handled professionally. After all, you would want the utmost care to be taken when the music is just this good, wouldn’t you?!

Deluxe Records was launched in 1980’s by the king of Australian pub rock, Michael Browning. A comment from Michael’s friend Clive Calder, an established record executive and businessman, prompted the move back to Australia to create the label saying, “Copyrights don’t call you in the middle of the night and tell you the truck has broken down!”. Deluxe Records’ first signing to the label was Sydney’s trio The Numbers, followed by WA’s The Dugites, and then one of Australia’s great international rock exports, INXS.


Michael Browning built his career in the music business managing Australia’s greatest rock and roll export, and the biggest rock band in the world, AC/DC. Michael has managed and represented some of the best of Australia’s rock acts, taking them to the top of the charts and turning them into household names. He discovered AC/DC at the Hard Rock Café in 1974. He relinquished his management of AC/DC 5 years later before moving back to Australia with the aspiration to discover a band that would do just as well internationally. He signed INXS to a five-album deal with his independent label Deluxe Records, and together they released two LP’s which would eventually go gold in Australia.


Deluxe Records is part of the sonic foundations of Australia’s rock and roll heartbeat from the 70’s to the late 80’s. Michael Browning is one of the world’s most respected managers and music business visionaries to emerge from the Australian 70’s pub rock scene, back when it was all about the show. Deluxe Records are digitally distributed by Blue Pie Records for the world. We at Ordior are honoured to be responsible for the management and protection of such a prestigious businessman and catalogue. If you’re still curious about the extent of Browning’s impact on the music world, check out his website below!


And be sure to click here to check out Browning’s PDF bio!