The Ordior Approach
  • We allow content companies to offer a state-of-the-art royalty accounting/reporting/payment system to royalty recipients.
  • We offer content companies sales reporting data they’ve never accessed before – including, in some cases, real-time sales reports and charting services. Accurate data – what sells where, when, why and for how much, enabling better sales and marketing decisions to be made.


  • We offer “dashboard reports” for artists, labels and content owners.
  • We offer data that’s easily accessible on smartphone or tablet devices and can be downloaded in a CSV file via any Internet access point.
  • We dramatically reduce management time spent on problem solving and conflict resolution providing “click happiness” to our customers and their customers.
  • We allow companies to reduce headcount and internal overheads. Labels can outsource their entire back end office reporting to Ordior.
  • We give content companies the freedom to focus on what they do best – the creation, development and marketing of great creative content.
  • We improve profits, reduce costs and streamline administrative processes and systems.

wikimedia-adobe-pdf-icon-2000ORD Dist Marketing Tech Specs Brochure

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