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Ordior is for content owners and digital rights managers worldwide. Outsource your royalty collection, accounting, reporting and distribution to Ordior. Keep doing what you do best – creating content.


Ordior’s royalty management platform provides you with powerful reporting, income stream, rights and mechanical copyright management. It is also available as a white label option.

Ordior enables you to outsource all of the tasks that sit between the content sale and distribution of funds, to the entire chain of royalty collection, accounting, reporting and distribution, through to the management and development of a sales team’s commission structure, and the creation of value-added reseller networks and channels.

The Ordior Royalty and Payment Management Services Platform is used by over 350 record labels, film houses and media production companies. The system is proven with over 800 Million transactions completed since 2014 alone. The system provides real-time reporting for our customers, 24/7 x 365 days a year. Ordior lets you focus on creating content while we manage and protect your copyrights.



Record labels, film production companies, artists and rights management societies use Ordior’s management platform to access state of the art Royalty Reporting and transaction based sales data. The ORDIOR, Royalty Vault, and Artist Rights Management services are proven, and generate results. Since 2014, Ordior has recovered over $1M USD in lost and unclaimed royalties for our roster of artists, under rights management and exclusive publishing administration agreements.

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Over 50K streams on Spotify, 100K streams elsewhere! Sam is rocking it and Ordior is here to support him!

Things are looking way up for Sam Pollard! His album now has over 50,000 streams on Spotify and 100,000 streams on all other networks. This is certainly a Step in the right direction, perhaps even...

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Tekno’s hitting us with bangers! Ordior supporting all of them!

This 2020 is a tough time for many, but artists like Tekno are here to make it not only bearable, but perhaps even memorable in a good way! We wanna get the word out on...

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Meet Sarkodie!

Michael Owusu Addo, better known as Sarkodie, is a Ghanaian rapper and entrepreneur from Tema. His contributions to the Ghanaian music industry have earned him numerous accolades, including the Vodafone Ghana Music Award for Artiste...

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Meet Ruggedman! Ordior protecting his rights!

This is the kind of music video where you know the artist isn't gonna put up with any garbage. Looks can be deceiving, but in this case they certainly aren't! A no-nonsense attitude is just...

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730 MILLION streams! Ordior’s priority artists dominating 2019’s last quarter!

Ordior's priority artists generated a staggering 730 M streams on Facebook in the last quarter of 2019! Our artists are getting paid on Facebook now, and needless to say, this has made a lot of...

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