Linkstorm is an advertising technology company pioneering a new approach to online advertising with the premise that ads perform better for the advertiser when they are more useful to the customer.

The next generation hyper-linking system significantly enhances the performance of online advertising, e-commerce and online publishing by overlaying cascading menus onto any kind of hyperlink or ad unit, thus enabling customers to navigate directly to the information or actions that they want.

By rolling over a Linkstorm enabled link or ad, the customer unfurls a menu of links, thus previewing additional destinations even before having to click. Then a single click takes the customer deep into a website, right to the answer to their question, the product info they were seeking or the transaction they wanted to perform. In the case of advertising, these links could include multiple products, offer details or marketing messages that specifically address their interests.

Ordior works with Linkstorm to manage and build “VAR” Value Added Re-seller channels and networks. Once the channels are built and deployed into a market, Ordior then steps in to administer and manage income streams, royalties and software rights with the Ordior Rights Management Software and Royalty Locker. Ordior protects, manages and ensures transparency for all stakeholders in the food chain for the VAR partners and sales channels.



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