730 MILLION streams! Ordior’s priority artists dominating 2019’s last quarter!



Ordior’s priority artists generated a staggering 730 M streams on Facebook in the last quarter of 2019! Our artists are getting paid on Facebook now, and needless to say, this has made a lot of passionate artists very happy, even with the low stream rate involved. Our top artists include, but are not limited to, BlackFaceNaija aka BlackFace and his monster hit song African Queen, Sarkodie, Tekno, DL Down3r, African China, Eedris Abdulkareem, and Obesere to name a few.

While the royalty rate is possibly the lowest streaming rate from all social media platforms, the exposure has been immense, and has been driving activity on the mainstream networks like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. People all across the world are discovering these artists, and it’s little wonder that we’re dealing with a collective few million plays with the talent on display here. With Tekno featuring on Beyonc√©’s Lion King tie-in album, and Down3r making waves in the circles of those who need hope, as well as many other shining examples, these artists are ones that make a difference, and it’s wonderful to see them being rewarded accordingly.

It’s a bright collective future! For these artists, for Ordior, for Facebook, for listeners worldwide, and of course for music! Be sure to explore the embedded spotify players above… good music is out there, and we’re glad to be a part of making it easier for you to find!