Amazing results from Anthony Milton and the radio team! Ordior going even more global!



The Ordior radio team has been very busy! Run by our very own full time Global Radio and Digital Playlist Manager Anthony Milton, there’s been plenty of amazing results, especially in the department of getting the word out on Suga Boom Boom!

But Down3r’s flagship hit is just the tip of the iceberg. As important as it is to get Suga Boom Boom expanding into Latin America and beyond with the Argentinian team, Anthony and the rest of the team haven’t stopped there! They’ve had a major impact expanding the popularity and range of records like Key Loch’s Where Is the Love, Michael Jameson’s Summer Love, Eedris Abdulkareem’s various amazing hits, and even Dave Evans’ badass rocker aesthetic and all the tracks in which it manifests! Not to mention another very popular aspect of Suga Boom Boom: the Key Crashers remix of course!

But it doesn’t stop there, and nor do the signs of how well this all-star team is working. Business is booming for many of our artists such as the Key Crashers through Spotify, and streaming numbers in general! Sam Pollard’s profile is taking off like a rocket with well over 250K streams, to say nothing of how well “Hurt Myself” is doing… but the latter probably isn’t much surprise, given that “Hurt Myself” is featuring THE Sir Paul McCartney! That’s some out of this world clout, so we’ve been taking every step possible to handle things as carefully and elegantly as we can! How we do this is simple, yet as you can see, effective. We create short, high-impact hype statements as part of radio pitches, supported by our Global Media Manager Edmund Cotter. With these to-the-point statements we can cut through the chatter, as social media is all about language. By matching keywords to trending topics, we can appeal to this difficult market, and surf the headlines with some excellent tunes acting as the wind beneath our wings.

Our local team has also been working hard with the new global media team based in Argentina, which is no small element in these successes. Granted, logistical issues have been present as one can expect when coordinating tasks across the globe, but the experience has been amazing and we’ve seen an increase over a vast amount of our profiles ever since the Argentinian dream team threw their hats in the ring! With Carola Pandre, Gonzalo Cabrera, and Delfina Armendares, our artists are finding new life on Tik Tok with staggering streaming numbers of over 3 million per month. With the combined efforts of the Australian and South American team, we’ve been able to get the message out not just on streaming but on a swathe of social media platforms.

The internet’s radio stations are loving this content too, lately. The Blue Pie Audiomack account was only made a few months ago, and it already has 1,215 total plays, and 242 monthly listeners. Several of the classic big hitters in the Blue Pie/DJ Central artist rosters are tearing Radio Airplay apart with thousands of listeners and fans, such as DL Down3r and LadyDice, AKA the LDDL duo. And of course, Down3r is killing it on iTunes lately too, like he always does! This is to say nothing of the waves that all this content has been making on iPluggers and other such similar streaming networks. Things are truly getting up off the ground!

Having a team in Argentina is also allowing us to open new fan markets, so it is with Blue Pie’s sincerest gratitude that they extend their thanks to the world for all the love their content is receiving! Anthony, Delfina and the rest have been hitting the ground running, and now the sky is far from the limit! The music will keep coming to radios and streaming services across the world, Ordior will continue supporting the rights of Blue Pie/DJ Central’s catalogues, and we’ll all continue looking to the future with hope! With our track record, there’s many more good things to come!

With great thanks

Edmund Cotter

Global Media Manager