DL Down3r and his monster hit song Suga Boom Boom are under Ordior’s protection!



You may have heard of the top song on that Spotify profile, and you may also have heard of the owner of that profile. DL Down3r and Suga Boom Boom are viralling at a near constant rate all over the hip hop corners of the internet, and it’s easy to see why! It’s a huge hit song for a good reason, it’s catchy and has intriguingly profound themes. And in terms of sheer numbers, Suga Boom Boom has passed 14M combined plays on Spotify alone, and has over 135M combined plays on YouTube… and in both cases, it’s only growing more and more!

That’s why Ordior is proud to manage and administer all rights management and copyright protection needs for Suga Boom Boom, and Down3r himself! This way, all unpaid and unclaimed royalties will be sure to make it to where they need to be- straight in the deserving hands of the talented artists. This is a brilliant opportunity, and will lead to a new golden era for Ordior and Mr. Suga Boom Boom- the chance to spread some of the greatest music on the planet even further to the audiences that deserve to hear it! Every reclaimed royalty is more fuel for the musical machine to keep on going!

The rights management for DL’s catalogue is in good hands, and the creative talent of the artists can now be rewarded appropriately! You geniuses can rest easy tonight. This smash hit can now live on in the ears and minds of all those who have witnessed its musical mastery! Special thanks to Down3r, his featuring artists, and his teams for entrusting their magnum opus to us! We are honoured and delighted to deliver the service you expect. After all, songs of this caliber should see the rights managements handled professionally, and the royalties in the hands of those who deserve it- the artists and teams themselves.


Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

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