Linkstorm appoints Ordior to build and manage its valued added reseller network !



Linkstorm appoints ORDIOR to build and administer Linkstorm value added reseller channels. NEW YORK, August 8th 2013 — Performance enhancing, online advertising technology company Linkstorm and Australian based software and rights management company “ORDIOR Ltd” today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to expand Linkstorm’s market presence through the establishment and building of the Linkstorm Value Added Reseller network (VAR).

The partnership will see Linkstorm accessing the Ordior client based and vast network of global brands that Ordior has developed over the past 5 years. Discussions are already underway with leading communication houses, advertising agencies, banks, financial service companies and Telco’s from Reliance India to YuuCorp in ASIA to Telstra in Australia to name just a few.

Ordior will provide rapid deployment systems to allow the key market makers to access and deploy Linkstorm campaigns easily and efficiently for their customers, clients and brands.

Ordior sees the technology becoming the new standard for permission based banner ad engagement for the next decade onwards.

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