Nice meme! The Key Crashers and internet animator Randowis in one package!



Who’s up for a cheeky little bit of fun? We certainly were, when we made this! See, we took the Key Crashers’ remix of Suga Boom Boom…

And this amazing animation “Monday Blues” from Youtuber Randowis…And combined them!


##suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom#suggaboomboom the Key Crashers remix! Original animation by RandoWis on Youtube!

♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

Yeah, like we hinted at last time in our latest Blue Pie news blast, we made a Tik Tok, and that’s our very first video. You proud of us? Well, we made a longer version of this meme for other websites… here’s the player, and a few links!


Yeah, okay, we had some fun at work, what of it. Yeah. We spread it everywhere. Yeah. We got excited. So WHAT! It was for the good cause of some banging tracks that we really can’t get enough of, and the bobby bouncy stretchy style of Randowis that we can’t stop watching! His talent and that of the Key Crashers have given us cause to create a tribute to the music we love… and of course we can’t leave DL Down3r, original creator of Suga Boom Boom, out of the accolades!

Yeah right, as if we would. Well, now that everything’s accounted for, that just leaves you! Did you like our meme? Would you enjoy seeing tik toks and other memes like it in the future? Has this inspired you to check out Randowis, the Key Crashers, or DL Down3r? If so, why not share it around? Click on the links or the embedded players and there’ll be a button, begging for your attention. Much like the other dancers around the cat girl in the animation. Is it safer to ignore them, or will that just make it worse by making them angry…? Only the cursed squad knows. That, and the mischievous damned cat at the end.

But this is far from all – be sure to check out this article for a refresher on just how many different ways KC and Down3r’s fans are contributing towards the Suga Boom Boom remixes!

Down3r and the Key Crashers are both under Ordior’s rights management protection, and when you discover them through memes like this, you can rest assured that any unpaid royalties that may be owed to them from the video viewing will make their way into the artist’s deserving hands… that’s because Ordior is hard at work… that is, when we aren’t making memes with our partner companies Blue Pie and DJ Central. Okay, come on, cut us some slack on that at least!

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