Ordior forms a strategic alliance and partnership with FilmHub



Ordior has formed a strategic alliance and partnership with FilmHub!

Ordior has been working hard with www.filmhub.com to monetize and distribute all of the Planet Blue Pictures USA catalogue. Ordior is there to ensure that the rights of all the relevant parties are protected and managed! FilmHub is one of the leading video distribution services on the entire internet, which is exactly why our partner Planet Blue USA has chosen their service to get their content live! And it’s exactly why we’ve chosen to contribute to this partnership too. Through FilmHub, we have managed to distribute and handle the rights managements for so many quality independent films that we can’t help but feel creatively satisfied. After all, it’s an honour to be able to distribute and support the rights of amazing shows like Metal Central TV and DJ Central TV! Both are live on Vimeo On-Demand, as well as Amazon Prime, thanks to the efforts of FilmHub. Have a taster of both!

Metal Central TV – Season 1 Episode 8 – Part 1 from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.


DJ Central TV – Season 5 Episode 2 – Part 6 from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

As you can see, these are excellent quality. And FilmHub makes it easier to get these to the world- you can see the fruits of their labour if you click on those above “ondemand” links! Of course, Ordior is there for DJ Central TV and Metal Central TV as well! All the rights of the artists and related parties are also under Ordior’s protection. But that’s not all. If you take a look at Planet Blue Pictures’ website, you’ll see their catalogue is quite impressive indeed!


So… You guessed it. Ordior is also providing royalty and rights management services to these great films!

This means that when great independent Australian films like Dealing With Destiny get distributed to iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and Amazon Prime, Ordior will be there to ensure that unclaimed and unpaid royalties will always find their way to the rightful hands of the creators. Which is fortunate, because it’d be a shame for a film of this caliber to be neglected in such a way.

If you’re interested in pursuing the whims of fate further, why not check out these links? Maybe the tarot will shine on your journey.

Dealing With Destiny website: www.dealingwithdestiny.com

Dealing With Destiny Amazon Prime: www.amazon.com/Dealing-Destiny-Luke-Arnold

Dealing With Destiny Planet Blue/Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/planetbluemovies/202908775

Dealing With Destiny iTunes: www.itunes.apple.com/au/movie/dealing-with-destiny


And have a treat on us to round things off nicely- the entirety of another Planet Blue classic, Who Pays The Hitman! A doctor, two patients, a priest and a Hitman are thrown together in the emergency room of a rundown hospital late one Saturday night. The doctor-patient relationship and priest’s vows bind both to silence as the Hitman slowly reveals his purpose. Moral and ethical dilemmas are intensified when a badly mutilated prostitute is brought in by the man responsible for her condition, and he will get away with murder if no one takes action. Do the Doctor and the Priest sacrifice everything they believe in, seeing as they have the right man for the job in the room with them ?

And of course if you wanted to own a high quality copy of this movie for yourself and not have to rely on Youtube, it’s on all the usual platforms! Will you be its next proud owner?

As you can see, Ordior has a lot to be excited about regarding this partnership, as FilmHub is an unrivaled service that can help bring content of unrivaled quality to the world. Show FilmHub and Planet Blue Pictures your support by checking out some of their quality content, and you can rest assured that Ordior will get any resulting revenue in the hands of its rightful owners.