Ordior managing all the royalty and reporting for the Cadillac Bill Show!



Ordior is pleased to announce that we are protecting the rights and royalties for the weirdest show and band to ever come out of Canada! Ordior is there to ensure that the rights of all the relevant parties are protected and managed!  Both are live on Vimeo On-Demand, as well as Amazon Prime, thanks to the efforts of FilmHub. Have a taster of both!

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As you can see, this is a bizarre world full of strange happenings and dry humour, from which few have ever returned. The Cadillac Bill Show is sure to scratch that itch for a weird variety hour, examining the strangest inhabitants of Hamilton, Canada, that Bill can find. And The Creeping Bent, Bill’s band, is equally outlandish and magnificent.

Ordior has a lot to be excited about regarding this partnership, as getting abducted into this strange, alien world from the north is one of the best things in entertainment that we’ve experienced. As such, it’s only natural that we’d want to protect the rights of a quality show and band like this! Talent abound. Show Cadillac Bill and The Creeping Bent your support by checking out some of their quality content, and you can rest assured that Ordior will get any resulting revenue in the hands of its rightful owners.

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