Ordior managing the royalty and reporting for Metal Central TV!



Ordior¬† is proud to announce that we are managing all the royalty and reporting for Metal Central TV, as well as the rights management needs for all the artists and labels appearing on the show! This is a TV show of high caliber, and the artists and labels featured can rest assured that any unclaimed or unpaid royalties will soon be back in their hands where they belong, thanks to Ordior’s efforts. After all, it’s our mission to create a more musical world, and why would we not support a show like Metal Central? It’s an easy choice.

And what’s this?! First DJ Central is on Amazon Prime, now season 1 of Metal Central too?! Yup, slowly but surely the classic musical TV hits you knew and loved are adapting to the modern era of streaming, and a cascade of awesome music videos and commentary is headed right towards your monitor! Metal Central TV features the best international and Australian metal and rock acts from around the globe to right here in your back yard. We have insane documentaries, crazy tour videos, live concerts you will want to watch again and again from the global independent music scene and of course some of the finest music from your favourite Aussie rock and metal acts. So sit back and rock out here at Metal Central TV!

Want a bit of a preview before you dip your feet in? We got you covered on that too. Select few clips of the show are live on the Planet Blue Pictures VIMEO channel, and we have one of them for you right here!

Metal Central TV – Season 1 Episode 8 – Part 1 from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

Did that get you hyped to headbang? Perfect. Click here to experience either the throwback of a lifetime, or if you’re new to this, a thrashing and heavy metal clanging you aren’t gonna forget any time soon!

Or, if you’re still curious, check out the Metal Central TV website here for more info: www.metalcentraltv.com

It’s a good day for metalheads everywhere when they can know their musical efforts are in good hands. The fruits of their labour will not be squandered, and Ordior is here to make sure that happens.