Ordior now managing copyright and publishing of Colin Seeger’s G.M Records!



Ordior is now administering all the copyrights and publishing needs of Mr Colin Seeger‘s iconic Australian label ” G.M Records “! G.M Records (Galvanising Music Records Australia) and all of its artists can now rest assured that Ordior will ensure all unpaid and unclaimed royalties will make their way into the hands of the deserving parties. G.M Records’ colourful roster includes The Dead Abigails, Montana, Opanoni, Smash Mob ft. Stephen Bannon, Black Japan, Mayfield, and Candy’s Heart to name a few! Colin Seeger has a veritable all-star team under his roster, and Ordior couldn’t be happier to help represent the copyright and rights managements of such artists. Have a taster of them for yourself!

Colin graduated in law from Monash University and has been actively involved in the music and media industry for the last 25 years. He was Corporate Counsel and head of Legal and Business for Polygram Australia, (now Universal Music) overseeing the Group’s legal work for the recording, home video, and publishing divisions. He also managed the catalogues of local and international copyrights and trademarks, and related deal negotiations with licensors and other media groups, such as TV and radio networks.

He returned to the law to become co-partner at Simpsons, Australia’s premier arts law firm, where he specialized in commercial transaction law, licensing and protecting intellectual property, venture structuring and management of IP rights in commercial ventures. Clients included The Wiggles, Polygram Records, Warner Music Publishing, and MCA Music Publishing! As you can see, Colin has a deep history in the music and legal industries, and he has also worked with us at Ordior for 17 years, as our Corporate Affairs Manager. He’s a legend in the business, and it’s a great honour to offer this service to him and his label… and to work alongside him to achieve Ordior’s missions! We look forward to the future for Ordior and G.M Records, and we are excited to see what the pooling of our talents can further achieve. There’s only good things on the horizon, it would seem… and the anthems of G.M Records’ best act as a way to further cement that notion!