Ordior: Protecting and managing the rights admin needs for “Hurt Myself”!



“Hurt Myself” is now a website officially under Ordior’s protection!

Dino Jag, Richie Robinson, Damien Reilly, Rusty Anderson, and the Rusty Anderson band (including Sir Paul McCartney!) all put their hearts and souls into this musical marvel in 2005, so it needs protection with standards. This is a song with true history: it was all the way back in March 2004, and we had just completed working on the Downtown remixes. It was a great time for the Blue Pie Records production team, and that fair fortune from back in the day is now graciously being shared with the Ordior team.

With the help of Tony Hatch and the great testimonials that he provided the company for the great work that Blue Pie completed, they were introduced to Rusty Anderson who was then the resident guitarist with the Sir Paul McCartney Band. In 2001, Rusty Anderson, along with drummer Abe Laboriel Jr., got a call from producers Mo Jackson and David Kahne to play and sing on Paul McCartney’s studio album Driving Rain. This became the birth of McCartney’s widely praised band, which Variety called “as tight a unit as they come”.

Rusty had his album out called “Undressing Underwater“. After a phone call to Rusty and again with huge thanks to Tony Hatch for the connection, Blue Pie sent over some of the past remix work they had completed, and Rusty then granted them permission to work on any tracks they felt could work. They chose “Hurt Myself” as it had a stellar cast and the quirky cool song called “Coming Down”.

Once the song selections were done, next was a quick phone call to Dino Jag who had been working on the She’s a MOD project with the Blue Pie Production Team, and a call to Richie Robinson who is a great friend of Dino’s and Blue Pie’s Mr Colin Seeger.

It took about 30 days for Blue Pie to get the remixes turned around and mastered, and Rusty was extremely complimentary to the team and remix work, so much so that he totally got behind the songs and pushed them as much as he could. A few weeks later some interviews were organised (You can listen to these here on Soundcloud) and the team then set out to get these songs out to the global radio waves.

It’s now 2019 and the songs are constantly finding new fans all over the world with the help of all the new streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes. According to Spotify’s stream counts, they are now at over 75,000 streams on the remixed tracks and growing, and this is just the beginning! These songs go about finding new ears to engage with. These are some great earworms that are now taking on new life, and all thanks to streaming. And Ordior is honoured to handle the rights management for songs of such significance.


The rights management for this song is in good hands, and the creative talent of the artists can now be rewarded appropriately! You geniuses can rest easy tonight. This smash hit can now live on in the ears and minds of all those who have witnessed its musical mastery! Special thanks to the artists and teams for entrusting their magnum opus to us, and of course, to Rusty Anderson, Dino Jag, and Paul McCartney themselves! We are honoured and delighted to deliver the service you expect. After all, songs of this caliber should see the rights managements handled professionally, and the royalties in the hands of those who deserve it- the artists and teams themselves.

For more information on “Hurt Myself”, go to www.hurtmyself.com