Ordior Protects Rights for Blue Pie and DJ Central Artists



Ordior is pleased to announce it is now providing protection and collection services for royalty and copyrights for all Blue Pie Records USA and DJ Central Records ASIA artists.

Ordior’s royalty management platform provides the labels with a powerful reporting system that allows the labels to ingest royalty report from over 50 different sources and streamline this into one easy to use and manage interface. Ordior’s management platform provides the record labels with access to state of the art Royalty Reporting, Sales Data in one east location. The time saving benefits have been enormous.

As Lloyd Cole, Blue Pie’s Record Label Manager says:

“In the past the reports were taking up to 2 weeks to complete for approx. 200 artists with various earnings from $25 to $2500 a quarter. The system now manages over 5000 artists and 350 labels and we do the report updates in a day. The labour saving and stress relief all around has been incredible. The system works and we can report 24x7x365 to all artists and labels.”

Ordior enables both businesses to provide log-in access to their artists to access and store all their royalty reports- ensuring transparency and accountability.

Ordior also provides Blue Pie and DJ Central with a Royalty Audit service for artists who fear they have missed out on royalty payments.

For more information on these two leading Record Labels please visit www.bluepierecords.com and www.djcentral.tv

If you would like to know how Ordior can help you with your royalty management needs then please email sales@ordior.com.