Ordior protects Tekno’s juicy new singles – Sudden and Kata!



Recently, we, along with our partner company Blue Pie, had cause to celebrate Tekno releasing some new singles, and “Beh Beh” numbered among them – check it out if you need a refresher! It’s on all major online retailers.


Check out the story linked above – there’s more than just Beh Beh to discover there! But stick around before that… because there’s still more to discover here on this page. Two new singles fresh from Tekno – first up is Sudden!

All of a sudden, Sudden comes into our lives and shows us what we’ve been missing from our playlists! The catchy beats are just as fresh as Don’t Jealous Me – the Beyoncé track that Tekno featured on! The video clip and track haven’t been out for more than a few days at the time of writing, and already they’re cropping up all over the internet from various fans and platforms. Spreading the love and passion of Tekno’s release, and the response that the fans have had to that release! But this is hardly unique. Tekno’s tracks usually undergo this process, and the other track we’re here to talk about today is no exception – that being Kata!

Just a catchy, just as creative, Tekno is sticking to the same amazing standard as he always has! It’s shocking to see that straight out the gate, Tekno has already refined his craft so well that he’s able to remain this consistently talented and passionate with each release. But oh well, he manages it somehow… and this track, too, is ready for you to delve deeper into! This pure passionate drive of creativity tells of an artist who deserves respect – and Ordior is here to deliver. Ordior is now working with Tekno to manage his copyrights and seek out unpaid and unclaimed royalties. We’re protecting the rights and managing the royalties of Tekno’s entire catalogue, so he can rest assured knowing that the quality music he creates is getting the treatment and respect that it deserves! Even now, lost royalties have been recovered by the Ordior team, and are moving into Tekno’s hands where they rightfully belong. Music of this caliber deserves every ounce of that consideration, and Ordior and our partner company Blue Pie are here to deliver! Once again, these absolute bangers are available on all online retailers, and you can rest assured that all proceeds from their sales are going straight into the hands of their talented creators.


As you can see, the clout Tekno brings to the table in his music isn’t just for show, and he has what it takes to back it up! Tekno featuring on Beyoncé’s amazing album is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve said that before, and like other such impactful statements we repeat, we’ll say it again and again – because it’s true! And with each new track Tekno belts out, just how deep that iceberg goes becomes ever more apparent… won’t you dive in and discover it?

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