Over 6 million streams for July alone – the beloved Zya Mou under Ordior’s protection!



The numbers are in, and they’re looking awesome! We’ve done the math and Zya Mou has over 6 MILLION streams for July 2020 alone! No doubt China loves her just as much as we do, and it’s hard to blame them when her C-Pop tunes are this good.

You may have heard of Japanese J Rock or Korean K Pop, but Chinese C Pop is the dark horse we’re betting on! The high energy EDM on display here is indicative of the genre’s quality, and Zya is sitting squarely on its peak. It’s not only amazing C Pop but amazing music overall, soaring above the genre itself! This can be seen especially in some of Zya’s most well-known hits, like Shake The Ground.

We’d like to extend our special thanks to the one and only TENCENT for the love! As Ordior’s partner, it’s thanks to them that the various music in our catalogue is starting to become China’s next happening thing! Ordior is here to protect Zya’s rights, which is a task that proves itself more important than ever as her music cascades throughout cyberspace. Now any lost or otherwise unclaimed royalties that result from Zya’s labour of love will be delivered squarely into her deserving hands, and any copyright issues the songs may experienced will be handled with care. We wish to put our efforts towards ensuring this music is treated properly, so that it can continue to be distributed liberally, and so that Zya can continue to support her superstar lifestyle! More Zya means more amazing C Pop, after all!

While Zya’s music has proven itself to be an international success, you always love to see that she’s just as beloved in China – clearly, with those numbers! The ground shaking is millions of potential fans waiting to hear the new and fashionable sensation- so come with us to listen to Zya singing her heart out!

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