Password’s co-written hit with Davido, GOBE, is properly credited thanks to Ordior!



With the help of Ordior and BMI, Password is now properly credited on one of Davido’s biggest hits, the one and only GOBE! The track has surpassed 50 million hits worldwide, so it’s all the more important that Password gets the shoutout he deserves – hence why this is such a great win for both Password and us at Ordior!

Our team are happy to achieve this, and needless to say, Password is happy to have his rights acknowledged! As a co-writer, it’s crucial to make sure that his proper writing shares are noted. After all, putting that much heart and soul into a work is deserving of reward, and we’re only happy to help deliver what Password has already earned from the success of this great track! We at Ordior are working around the clock on cases like this, and with the internet being as vast as it is, it’s key that artist rights are supported for situations like this. From managing copyright to reclaiming lost royalties, or even working on rights management cases like this, Ordior is keen to deliver many more wins like this for passionate artists and generally great people like Password in the future. We would like to extend special thanks to Ordior’s account rep with BMI, as well as Colin Seeger who assisted in the process.

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