Ray Vanderby’s numbers are going up and up! Australia’s gem at it again.



Ray Vanderby is doing well lately, as are the many bands he’s a part of, including Corrugated Iron! To many of you, he may need no introduction: his collaborations with multiple prominent artists across an eclectic range of styles demonstrates his commitment to Australian music, as well as his unquestionable skill.

One of Australia’s pioneers in tickling the ivories, Ray is truly an Australian icon that we’re very grateful to have on the list of artists we support. He’s also turning heads with his line of music videos on Facebook, and generally making waves in the Aussie music world! Just check out this link here to start to see his line of excellent works across Facebook. New Facebook policies make this harder to embed, so don’t be deceived – sweet videos are just a click away!

“Musician” is a word that describes Ray Vanderby, but it does not cover the full scope of his experience with all things musical. He is a song writer, composer, producer, director, piano tuner, and a frontman singer. He plays organ, piano, keyboards, and guitar. He has seen his fair share of musical experience with multiple groups, all of which you can read about here in his official bio. He’s passionate among many other things, and his work is amassing thousands of plays across the multiple platforms that feature it!

Blue Pie are lucky to be able to support him, and it’s thanks to this arrangement that Ray may see an influx of new fans soon! TODAY, yes, the very day this article went live, Ray’s work is going to be played on100% Home-Grown, 107.1 Highland FM’s radio segment for Aussie indie gems! Hammond Dance Au Go Go caught our attention when it first dropped, and here it is, seeing even more radio play than it was back when our friends last reported on it in Blue Pie news! The Southern Highlands better be ready for what’s coming for them tonight – we love Ray and his treasured music just as much as he loves music itself. Which you’ll be able to tell is a lot, just by listening to even a little of his work!

Blue Pie aren’t the only ones fortunate in this, however. We at Ordior, of course, also are glad to represent Ray! We believe strongly in preserving musical heritage and paying homage to trailblazers, and Ray’s work ticks both of those boxes with a swish fountain pen! Now, any copyright or royalty management issues that occur with Ray’s vast and storied catalogue will promptly be dealt with. Ordior is here to ensure that the hopes, dreams, and hard work artists like Ray put into their craft never goes to waste. Rest assured that Ray Vanderby, all his bands, as well as the other artists we work with will be adequately compensated for the time they’ve spent working hard on the songs we support… and that their songs are proudly legally protected. We can feel the love Ray put into his life’s works, so we’re going to make sure these works stand tall throughout the ages as they deserve to.

Ray Vanderby is an experienced name in the music industry across its many genres. Throughout time he’s established himself as a true veteran, and if you’re unlucky enough to have not have heard of him, take it as a glass-half-full deal – you’re now extra lucky for having discovered him! No matter where you choose to peruse Ray’s content, it’ll be here for you, crisp and fresh, whether he’s tinkering with a modern or nostalgic style! Both can be pulled off with aplomb – for classic throwbacks like Hammond Dance Au Go Go or Blame It On The Moon, you really feel like it’s a song you loved to listen to many years ago! And for the rest of his catalogue, whether it be modern rock or whatever else gets you grooving, Ray nails the modern feel too! He’s truly versatile, as you can imagine he would be with the wealth of experience that he possesses! There’s plenty on the horizon yet for this ambitious artist.

Edmund Cotter, Global Media Manager