Round and round and round by Bon Scott is growing exponentially in views!



It’s 2021, last year was horrible, and we’ve all been looking for a way to start the new year off right. That might explain why the Bon Scott lost archive footage of the previously unreleased song “Round And Round And Round” has been exploding in popularity!

Round And Round is certainly making its way around lately! It’s currently sitting at around 438k views, and it continues to grow rapidly. It’s on the fast track to 500k! One wonders how much of a classic rock earworm this would be in the minds of its listeners, if it were to release in the 70s, back when it was first recorded. One could assume it’d be a hit at the very least, we ARE talking about AC/DC after all! Even Peter Head has thrown his hat in the ring and had some fun with this passionate take on the song! Good to see these folks enjoying themselves with this sweet song – we’re sure Bon would be happy with this effort from his old partner!

This gem is hidden no more. We remember well the day that it made the news on Channel 9! On the Blue Pie youtube channel, that particular video has hit 42k views, and that count is chugging along too! How long until 50k? Wait and see…

With all this new attention, it’s critical that the rights to Bon Scott and Peter Head’s famous work are protected. This is why Ordior is here and ready to support them. Any royalty claiming issues or copyright disputes that might occur with these estates and IPs as they rapidly travel the internet will promptly be seen to. The likes of AC/DC hardly need any wind beneath their wings with how massive they are, and the same of course goes for Bon Scott and Peter Head themselves, and their bands such as Headband and Fraternity. But we at Ordior love this music dearly and are beyond honoured to have this opportunity to work with these legends! We aim to be there for them through thick and thin, and while we number among many such people who love and support these giants, we’ll still stand guard, doing what Ordior can to keep the treasured vision of Akka Dakka alive.

Bon Scott achieved so much in such a short space of time and he would ultimately go on to be the lead singer fronting AC/DC, the greatest rock and roll band in the world. Peter Head is no stranger to musical success either, with his band Headband. You can check out all the history here

These videos are not the only thing happening around Peter Head and Bon Scott’s pre-AC/DC music. The Looking For Bon documentary project hopes to go far beyond that!

Click here to learn all about it. This is a film-length documentary about Bon Scott and Peter Head’s life before Bon took on the role of fronting AC/DC. More news will follow!

As one of the comments on the YouTube video says quite aptly… AC/DC would never have been without him, and were never the same.”

Bon Scott and Peter Head are Blue Pie Records artists for selected titles. Peter Head is published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing (ASCAP) for the world. You can check out more information and the latest news on the Bon Scott documentary and also check out the HeadBand website. We believe that HeadBand are one of the greatest prog-rock bands to ever come out of Adelaide. You may also want to check out a band that Bon was in called “Fraternity”.

We hope you will enjoy taking a trip down memory lane by visiting the following websites!

Check out Round and Round on Spotify and also the great Fraternity and Headband debut albums below. Here’s hoping even more good things are in store for these excellent albums and videos! Let’s make 2021 our own!