Take a look behind the scenes into Steakhouse Studio! Danny Saber and Danny Vash under Ordior’s protection!



Danny Vash and Danny Saber are two legendary names in rock. These two Dannys have shredded the house down, whether it be in their own personal music, or in production for other projects. Who can forget Vash’s Hard Life, with stunning visuals from Soularflair? Or the stunning OST of 2:22 the movie from Saber?

We certainly can’t forget, and sometimes we’ve wondered just how they do it. Luckily for us, these legends have let us peek inside Studio Steakhouse and have shown us a few snippets of how it’s done!

We were pretty excited when we first watched this this morning, so we wanted to spread it far and wide! So that’s exactly what we did, and now this soon-to-be-legendary video is available on both our Blue Pie and Planet Blue Pictures youtubes!

This little window into the life of musical superstars is quite the privilege to experience. It’s not often that we get to see it, but you love to see it when it happens! Especially with awesome rock thrash tracks and sweet cinematic tracks under the belts of the two Dannys. Take a journey through these!

With this insight into the process and passion, it’s little wonder why the music these two produce is so good! Danny Vash has managed to capture the hardcore energy of the great classic rock bands like AC/DC and Judas Priest, and Danny Saber is an experienced producer who has brought musical life to many films and other projects. And it really shows. That’s why it’s important that Ordior is here to represent both their rights! With popular hits like Hard Life or Saber’s various OSTs such as 2:22 rapidly spreading throughout the online scene, all sorts of unfortunate risks come into play, such as lost or unclaimed royalties, or situations that require copyright and rights management. Ordior is here to ensure that the two Dannys have their rights protected accordingly, and that they receive every cent they’ve earned for these amazing hits, and all the wonderful stuff they’ve produced and worked on.

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