Welcome Danfo Drivers to the Ordior Rights Management Roster!



Ordior has signed the Danfo Drivers for a world wide exclusive publishing and administration agreement! The Ordior team has been successful in recovering unclaimed YouTube and performance royalties, and payments are already flowing to the Danfo Drivers, to their great delight. This is a brilliant opportunity, and will lead to a new golden era for Ordior and the Drivers- the chance to spread some of the greatest music on the planet even further to the audiences that deserve to hear it!

The duo of Mountain Black and Mad Melon (real names Jimoh Olotu and Omeofa Oghene respectively) are better known by hit single ‘I am a Danfo Driver, Suo’. As youngsters growing up in the slums of Ajegunle, Lagos they were exposed to the conventional music of the Ajegunle called Galala music and indulged in it in their leisure time. They drove a commercial bus to make ends meet until they were discovered by Cornerstone Music, and the rest as they say is history. The single released in 2003 was such a big hit nationwide, that it became an anthem of sorts and set on the neon tracks of the spotlight. The song ‘I Am a Danfo Driver, Suo’ was chosen along with Tuface’s song ‘African Queen’ as the sound tracks for Phat Girlz, making them the first Nigerian artistes to have their tracks used as soundtracks in a Hollywood movie! If you’re not familiar, have this album so you can number among these satisfied fans!

An easy classic for anyone’s library, the amazing rhythm, beats, and fantastic vibe are sure to make anyone smile. This skill in music is shown in how far the Drivers have come. They released a sophomore album titled “Danfo Travel: Success Story” in 2005 which did well especially with the track “kpolongo”, which led to their first European tour in October 2006. They performed in Athens, Sweden, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and several other countries. They have performed in many African countries including; Sierra Leone, Benin Republic, Togo ,Ghana amongst others. As their contract with Cornerstone Music ended they released their third album entitled New Chapter with another hit track- Meshango! It’s quite a legacy, all things considered. And we’re excited to be involved with it! After all, why would we not be excited to be handling the rights management for such artists? Just look at the quality of their Spotify profiles!

Truly a skillful collection of music. Mad Melon and Mountain Black are welcome assets to Ordior and we’re truly honoured to be involved with artists of such talent and international recognition!