Welcome to the iconic Styl-Plus! Ordior protecting their rights!



Meet Styl-Plus! A Nigerian R&B and pop musical group/quartet that has quite a history behind it. The founding members were Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi, the name STYL being an abbreviation of the founders’ first names. In 1998 Lanre Faneyi died, and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group. This band of musical pioneers have millions of plays under their belt, so it stands to reason that their songs are truly something else!

While the current members of Styl-Plus aren’t the same as they always have been, the departed still live on in our hearts and memories.

a) Shifi Emoefe
b) Tunde Akinsanmi***(left the group)
c) Yemi Akinwonmi***(Left the group)
d) Lanre Faneyi (late)
e) Zeal Onyecheme

  •  In 1998 Lanre Faneyi died, and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group
  • In 2002 Yemi Akinwonmi left the group and the musical band became a trio without adding a new member.
  • In 2012, Tunde Akinsanmi left the group, leaving Shifi and Zeal as the flag bearers of the group.
  • Presently, the group is made up of Shifi Emoefe and Zeal Onyecheme as the flag bearers of the group.


No matter who’s at the helm, it’s always Styl-Plus, and always in our playlists!

But not only that, it’s always under our protection! Styl-Plus’ entire catalogue has been subjected to rights management processes worthy of guarding a treasure – not far from the truth. Ordior is now working with Styl-Plus to manage their copyrights and seek out unpaid and unclaimed royalties. The members of Styl-Plus can rest assured knowing that the quality music they create is getting the treatment and respect that it deserves! Even now, lost royalties have been recovered by the Ordior team, and are moving into the group’s hands where they rightfully belong. Music of this caliber deserves every ounce of that consideration, and Ordior and our partner company Blue Pie are here to deliver!

With blockbuster hits such as “Olufunmi” and “Imagine That”, the tracks that Styl-Plus have made and will surely continue to make are always guaranteed to satisfy. Do you agree? Why not check out their social media and discuss! You might even discover some new favourites… or scratch an itch that searching for them on all major online retail platforms can’t! Or maybe you might want to bring the party to you… well, in that case, the details to book and contact the band are below too!

Whatever avenue satisfies you, the one thing we can be glad of is that either choice will at least be satisfying. Why can we say this with full confidence? Because it’s Styl-Plus, baby! Whether they’re a group or a duo, and whether the members are modern, or the classic ones who have moved on or passed away… ain’t nobody as iconic as Styl-Plus, and ain’t nobody quite like ’em!


Shifi Emoefe & Zeal Onyecheme
e: bookstylplus@gmail.com
p: +080 3643 3787