Welcoming Alyssa as the Marketing Manager for Ordior!



Today we take the opportunity to officially welcome Alyssa Martin to our Ordior team and beyond! In 2020, she started working alongside Ordior and partner companies Blue Pie and DJ Central. Alyssa manages our marketing and business development in Latin America, Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Jamaica, USA, Argentina, and Spain, and coordinates with these international offices. It’s thanks in part to her that we’re able to expand our global footprint and see what we can offer to the rest of the world!

An avid researcher, she chases up our potential new labels, and any artists that we could sign on from overseas. When it comes to marketing our companies across the planet, Alyssa is on the job and ready to go. Ordior is honoured to have her on the team, and her efforts are allowing us to go more global than ever before.
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