Welcoming Chloé Ruiz to Ordior!



Chloé is a graphic designer with many years of experience. Throughout her 32 years of life, she has worked as a graphic designer for 8 years, and as a freelance for 6 years with Surimag Studio – a personal graphic design studio focused in brand identity, editorial, communication and packaging design. After building her experience to an impressive degree, she has joined our team in Australia as our Brand and Global Media Manager, and Graphic Design Consultant.

Chloé is in charge of all the graphic design for our artists the record labels who work with us. She helps manage the design team, and organises cover artworks, editorial brochures, visual content for social networks (banners, logos, comp cards), Powerpoint presentations, and art retouching. As she’s fluent in English, Spanish and French, she also assists with performing translations for the Social media Team.

Chloé’s skills are invaluable to Ordior’s endeavours, as well as those of our partners Blue Pie and DJ Central. As long as the catalogues of Blue Pie and DJ Central are successful, we will have rights to manage and support, and artists to assist. Chloé is vital in this, as eye popping presentation is critical for albums and other promotional materials to see success, as is multilingual capabilities to social media. As long as the music is playing loud, we’ve got people we can support! Chloé knows how to be efficient and passionate all at the same time – something she’s learned from her many years of experience in various industries just like ours!

Chloé is interested in multidisciplinary projects and jobs. She has excellent communication, problem-solving and leadership skills. She is a self-starter, able to work independently, as well as able to teamwork and multi-task. She is always looking for opportunities to travel to different parts of the world, to widen her perspectives and have enriching experiences for her professional training. We’re lucky that her latest journey took her down to Australia!