“Where Is The Love” unlocks Spotify’s love rapidly! 72K PLAYS with Ordior supporting the rights!



The love has been found multiple times over! It was just last week that that we reported that Key Loch’s Where Is The Love was seeing success with 47K plays on Spotify. Just one week later, it’s skyrocketed up to over 72 THOUSAND plays and it’s continuing to grow by the day! We remind you that this single only just went live in December of 2020. It’s snowballing more and more and it’s set to be a Bona Fide viral hit!

The duo of Damien Reilly and Justin Gross (both members of Southpaw) have really struck gold with Key Loch, it would seem. That’s what you get with 50 years’ experience, but that’s just the surface! Also joining them are Avery May Parker, Mr Maurice Morgan, Chris Garcia, Gabriel Rizza, Tom Polce, and Phil Soussan, and this maelstrom of talent is one of the reasons why this song is such a superstar in the minds of its listeners!

Coming straight out of Buenos Aires Argentina, we also have a different team of five people who we need to extend special thanks towards. People who work around the clock, full time, and are hammering this song and many of its contemporaries from our catalogue out into the market. Blue Pie Records Latin America are helping get Key Loch’s names in lights! Between Delfina Armendares, Carola Pandre, Chloé Ruiz, Gonzalo Cabrera, and Agustín Rodríguez Sánchez, this stellar combination fits naturally with the quality and talent of all Key Loch’s members. A sweet and soulful performance in every lyric, Avery’s voice and Key Loch’s expert playing guarantee that every time you listen to “Where Is The Love”, it’ll hit you right where it counts, and the Latin American team is here to make sure these sweet symphonies make their way to you, one way or another! There’s been real passion put into making this piece from all fronts, and it’s wonderful that it’s paying off for all these people who’ve really put their hearts into this, no matter what method they’ve used to do so.

That’s why it’s so special that we can see clear success and popularity for Key Loch. It’d be a shame if this musical niche was unheard, but thankfully it seems to be snowballing by those who want to keep the fire alive! Power to them – we’re here to join you! Mo-town isn’t dead, it’s vintage! That’s why it’s important that Ordior is here to protect the rights of Key Loch and their IP. Now, any copyright or royalty management issues that occur as this song finds its roots online will promptly be dealt with. Ordior is here to ensure that the passions of musicians and producers like Key Loch aren’t wasted. Rest assured that Key Loch and the other artists we work with will be adequately compensated for the time they’ve spent working hard on the songs we support… and that their songs are proudly legally protected. With that in mind, we’re hoping that we’ll see more than just this one song from Key Loch, very very soon! We can’t get enough.

So come on team, bring on the Key Loch tunes, because there’s no need to ask where the love is – we’ve definitely found it in this passionate song, and the others that we’re crossing our fingers will follow it!

The future is bright and Key Loch are wearing shades as they unlock the musical doors of your mind and fill it full of great music. This is the beginning of something amazing and the world can never have enough of GREAT music.

Key Lock are a Blue Pie Records USA artist published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for the world. For more information on Key Lock you can visit their website at www.keyloch.com or check out where it all began for Damien and Justin at Southpaw | www.southpawmuzik.com