Ordior: Protecting and managing the rights admin needs for “She’s A Mod”!



“She’s A Mod” is now officially under Ordior’s protection!

Dino Jag, Damien Reilly and Ray Columbus have put their hearts and souls into this musical marvel, so it needs protection with standards. The rights management is in good hands, and the creative talent of the artists can now be rewarded appropriately! You geniuses can rest easy tonight, and the sorely missed Ray Columbus can now live on properly in our hearts, knowing that his contributions are well secured. After all, “She’s A Mod” was one of the biggest selling tracks worldwide, especially in New Zealand! Ray Columbus’ work on the original track was the essential keystone to allow Blue Pie’s remix to reach this status as an earworm. Columbus has left quite a legacy in his absence, and it’s a joy to listen to the song again and again. After all, it was Ray Columbus who had made this song one of New Zealand’s biggest selling singles of all time! It’s arguably the song that kick started the entire MOD movement in New Zealand all those years ago. May he Rest In Peace.

This top ten smash hit can now live on in the ears and minds of all those who have witnessed its musical mastery! Special thanks to the artists for entrusting their magnum opus to us! We are honoured and delighted to deliver the service you expect.

For more information on “She’s A Mod”, go to www.shesamod.com