Telia Mahon - Admin Manager and Content Specialist

Telia started working at Ordior’s partner company Blue Pie as an unpaid intern on the 2nd of April 2020, handling content distribution duties – uploading various albums to specific aggregation websites. But, eager to prove her skills, she rapidly advanced to a paid role on the 14th. Currently, she is the Content Specialist for Symphonic, Songtradr and Adrev. While she mostly handles various tasks including content coding, she also has a larger role – that of Admin Manager. It’s thanks to her that the accounts and payrolls of all our staff of our interconnected companies are attended to properly.

Telia’s main hobbies include sport, specifically athletics and sprinting. She will be joining the Athletics club in Wollongong in October to further her skills. She enjoys pop music, and her favourite artists include Khalid and Post Malone. A pragmatic individual, Telia is no stranger to grabbing the bull by the horns and familiarising herself with new territory rapidly until she becomes an expert. She’s an asset to our Ordior team as well as our partner company teams, and both her roles help keep the admin side of things running smoothly.

As part of the Ordior Forensic Royalty Recovery team, Telia works with the Ordior clients to detect, collect and manage unpaid and uncollected royalties.